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345% казіно бонус абноўлена: Лістапада 11, 2017 аўтар: Берл Laine
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  • Киппер Эламин
    Киппер Эламин

    Добры дзень! Мае сябры маюць вялікі дзень і выдатны ўік-энд &;

  • Эбен Augsburger
    Эбен Augsburger

    @titomania, hell yeah i remember that song, think once the album starts I can sing it from beginning to end LOL But you wanna know something? Well youre gonna hear it whether you do or not LOL I went to play Foriegner for my son to hear, and I thought &;man, that band sounds like its from a bar lounge band” It was very brassy and hollow I dont know how to say it any better, just i was like hell no he dont like this that sounds bad.. but i still love to sing to them lol just wait for it when its on the radio now lolol and Wow that is one tall horse, got on one, he bucked me off and took my wind and me and horses now understand each other, I dont put my fat ass on them and they dont steal my wind lol

  • Berkeley Gapinski
    Berkeley Gapinski

    ПОСПЕХУ казіно гульцы